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We see ourselves as a "full-service" show stable, since it is only logical for us to train horses carefully and to present them at shows only when they are ready to compete - that's also how they usually outgrow themselves.
As a result "the sport partners" can grow together perfectly.

We also offer intensive support beyond the sale of horses through riding, training and tournament support. We are firmly convinced that success is no coincidence, but the result of competent training and the perfect match!

Sales & Marketing

Buying a horse is a matter of trust and should be much more than a business transaction.
For us, it is always about bringing a horse together with its rider - finding the perfect match. Are you still looking for a horse? If you don't find your dream horse with us, we will continue to search with you until we do!

We would also like to address breeders who might have this one raw diamond in their stable. We are always on the lookout for quality, talented show jumpers and would be happy to visit you. Just contact us directly here.

Education of horses

For us a careful training of the horses is a basic requirement for everything that follows.
Regardless, of whether a horse is for sale or is educated in our stable, training not only paves the way to success, but is instrumental in ensuring that horses last long and remain healthy in sport.

A serious educated horses is what we want to offer to our clients.

Training with riders

We will be there for you even after a horse purchase. Furthermore, we would like you to stay in touch with us, since we have already been knowing your new horse for a long time and we would like to pass on as much support as possible.
Consequently, you can take over our work right away.

Of course, we also welcome show jumpers who have already found a perfect match and would like to reach the next level with us - with a professional training, a careful setup and lasting support.